DUCAPRO Membership Application

Who can become a Member of DUCAPRO:

  • If you are a Music Creator, new or established, and have authored or co-authored at least one musical work, DUCAPRO welcomes you to apply for membership with DUCAPRO
    • If you are a member of another Performing Rights Organization, please contact us for assistance at members@ducapro.com
  • If you are a Music Publisher that administers music creators that have at least one musical work, you can apply for membership with DUCAPRO

Steps to become a Member of DUCAPRO

What to expect next:

  • DUCAPRO will return to you:
    • the fully executed membership agreement
    • DUCAPRO member account number
    • DUCAPRO Welcome Package
  • Information on how to register your creative works with DUCAPRO
  • As DUCAPRO continues to rollout services for you, DUCAPRO will be providing recurring newsletters informing you of the important information concerning your membership and DUCAPRO’s activities to represent your creative works locally and abroad

Should you require any assistance in completing your membership application please feel free to reach out to us at members@ducapro.com

Thank you for your confidence in DUCAPRO!