DUCAPRO advocates the correct use of music in the Dutch Caribbean

Creators make great effort to create music and their rights must be protected. Commercial users of music must easily be able to play music publicly with the understanding that the music creators must be compensated fairly for such use.

DUCAPRO is the intermediary that safeguards the rights of music creators and grants licenses to commercial users of music, thereby collecting the corresponding fees and arranging for the best possible distribution for it’s members.

DUCAPRO administers the music public performance and communication rights of its members in the Dutch Caribbean territory. It acquires those rights from its members and licenses them to music users, including radio stations and music using establishments. It also represents the rights of affiliated foreign societies in DUCAPRO’S territories. Reciprocally, those foreign societies represent, in their respective territories, the rights of DUCAPRO members.


DUCAPRO is a member-based organization incorporated under the laws of Curacao, Dutch Caribbean.

DUCAPRO has established Board governance through it’s Articles of Association and is registered to perform as a copyright management organization in the region. Through this governance structure, the first Board member will be appointed, and the rest of the Board will be established through an election process. The first Board member has already been appointed, and DUCAPRO’s full member-controlled Board will be established after mid 2022.

More information about DUCAPRO’s Board of Directors, Voting Rights, Management Team, By-laws and Other Rules can be found here.

Distribution & Member Royalty Payments

DUCAPRO pays royalties from the licence fees it collects for the use of its members repertoire of musical works. To make royalty payments, DUCAPRO establishes Distribution Rules that are developed and approved by the DUCAPRO Board of Directors in consultation with Management. Distribution rules are defined with the best efforts of the Board and Management to achieve fairness, accuracy, cost effectiveness, and transparency in a manner that also seeks to balance the differing interests of members.

More information about DUCAPRO’s Distribution Rules and Royalty Payments to Members can be found here.


Local venues such as radio stations, digital platforms, local television stations, hotels, bars, night clubs, restaurants, live entertainment providers, concerts, festivals, and local fairs all use music to enhance the experience of their patrons.

Behind the music are creators who must be recognized and compensated for the use of their music. DUCAPRO has established licenses or tariffs that defines the licensing fees that are applicable for the various uses of music. The licensing fees collected by DUCAPRO will be used to compensate the creators (locally and internationally) that owns the rights to the music used by these venues.

More information about DUCAPRO’s Licenses/Tariffs and Licensing Fees can be found here.